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I would like to issue a challenge to any politician to come walk a mile in the average American’s shoes. Come do my husband’s job for a day, or mine. Live off our pay for a month. We have worked hard all our lives. Neither of us have health or retirement benefits with our jobs. My husband is in construction and when the construction industry hit bottom, the company he works for had to eliminate health care benefits to stay in business, just like a lot of other small businesses. Now the politicians are wanting to punish us for their mistakes of rampant spending by making us work longer and harder. They still have all their benefits and still vote themselves raises. Everyone I know does not.


As a Relay For Life participant, you probably know some special people who are showing their love as caregivers. Like cancer survivors, caregivers face a variety of issues in their personal cancer journeys, and they need help along the way. Your Relay For Life efforts help people facing cancer get well, including caregivers.

Caregivers can get free support 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (800)227-2345 or visiting our special caregiver section on cancer.org. Many caregivers find support from peers through our online Cancer Survivors Network. And, each month we host special telephone workshops for caregivers, featuring a variety of topics and experts.


Re: Bob Scott’s recent letter about Duke Power’s request for more money. I agree, a 17 percent decrease in pay will still leave them with millions so it shouldn’t be a problem for them.

I just calculated my monthly expense for insurance and power and found that it is about one third of my small monthly income. We are in a recession. Insurance is mandatory, and electricity is nearly so. If we are required to make these payments then the government ought to do a better job of regulating the charges. Last year, my power bills went up about 15 percent and now they think they need more? Duke Power takes in billions. What do they do with it all? They sure do not look for alternative means of power generation. Heaven knows what the real cost is to our health and environment from coal fired power plants. The Smokies get smokier every year. Cancer and respiratory disease are up.


Bob Scott, Alderman, Town of Franklin, wrote a pointed letter to the editor last week — “Rate increase should be met with salary cuts.” Scott has done solid research into the hefty salaries of Duke Energy’s top executives. Their pay is certainly a slap in the face to thousands of their customers who have lost jobs and unemployment benefits.

In the same July 7, issue of the Macon County News Duke says, “Get the facts: Why is Duke Energy asking to increase electric rates?” In the next-to-last paragraph the reader is told, “In exchange (for rates approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission), the company (Duke) is allowed the opportunity to earn a fair return for investors who bear the financial risk of capital investment.”


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