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The Republicans and their Tea Party extremists accuse Democrats of inciting class warfare. It is now apparent the GOP, representing the elite two percent of our country, has declared war on the rest of us. Their budget communicates a total disregard, if not downright disdain, for seniors, the disabled and those who live from paycheck to paycheck. In our last election the GOP campaigned on “Taking Our Country Back.” Their budget appears to Take America Backward to the 1920s based on proposals to eliminate our social safety net, eliminate financial and safety regulations and turn the economy over to new Robber Barons.


To all Macon County residents:

Circumstances have prevented the organization of the annual county-wide litter pick-up - recycling event to celebrate Earth Day here in Macon County this year.

Because there has been no one able to fill this breach for a spring-time effort, let me personally urge all Macon Countians to please go outside, pick up and appropriately recycle the glaringly evident roadside trash, the plastic bags blown into the fields, brush and trees, and the various junk decorating our streams and mountain vistas.


I was appalled by the choice of language of the speaker Dr. Terry Stoops. Is this what he said? Verbatim?

“If I have a choice between school A and school B, [and] school B better meets the needs of my child, I’m going to send it to school B, and the state will put its money behind that school.”

Would you please verify that the speaker referred to a child as an “it,” in your quotation?


I’d like to take up a little space in The Macon County News to let me tell the people in Macon County how much they mean to me. They have made me feel like a real “local lady” since I moved to the mountains. I had to learn one new expression that I had never heard before moving to Franklin. That expression was “you uns.” And I quickly learned to love “you uns!”

I moved to Franklin in August of 1979 as a divorcee and mother of two sons to teach kindergarten at East Franklin School. It took me a year to even get an interview in the Macon County School system mainly because I was not a “local.” When I first started applying for a teaching position here in Franklin, Dr. Joe Hill was the superintendent. He was certainly not a “local” and he didn’t stay in Franklin long. He even told me that I would have a much better chance of getting a teaching position if I went ahead and married the “local man,” Sam McClure, that I was courting at the time.


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published: 10/18/2013
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