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I want to talk a little bit about politics and government.

I want to talk about whether our form of government is or should be a republic.

In a nutshell, democratic government is rule by the majority, while republican government is rule by a majority of minorities.


Wildflower is back, and a lot of people are worried, especially here in the northern part of the county. From the time the first developer spoke to a crowd of over 200 at Cowee School and said, “You people will need to upgrade your community for my clientele,” and “You people (How could the man think that was an acceptable way to address the people whose community he was moving into?) are going to need affordable housing ...” the thing has not set well on our minds. Then came the flood of sediment into streams, trout ponds and the river as the steep roads were gouged out. People were buying lots sight unseen on the internet, because real estate was hot and was only going to get hotter.

Then came the crash—with foreclosures, lawsuits, damage to our local financial institutions—and to the reputation of Macon County.


It is often said that people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Apparently, the Chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party believes he is entitled to both.

He hurled facts by the wayside in a recent op-ed, attempting to blame North Carolina’s education and economic woes on Republican legislators.


In the Sept. 15 Macon County News, George Hasara presented a reasonably accurate surmise that our present electoral system is indeed broken or, at the very least, has ceased to symbolize what the majority of Americans have come to believe is “representative government.”

There are, as Hasara pointed out, alternative political parties which, if they indeed had a voice in a coalition government we would be decidedly less apt to be forever stuck in political stalemate and bitter discord.


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