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DO YOU or someone you know and care about live on any of these roads?

NC 28 from Sanderstown Rd. to Swain Co., US 64 to Highlands, Walnut Creek to Jackson Co., Buck Creek Rd., Elijay Rd, Snow Hill Rd. to Leatherman Gap, Burningtown Rd., All main roads to Highlands.


Hypocrisy: The condition of a person pretending to be something he is not, especially in the area of morals or religion; a false presentation of belief or feeling.

Mike Huckabee recently described a Hollywood starlet as a disgrace because of her impending birth as an unwed mother. Yet when Bristol Palin had a child out of wed lock he defended her and her appearance at the 2008 convention; classic hypocrisy.


A growing number of parents in our society choose to make deep financial and lifestyle sacrifices to bear the primary responsibility for the education of their children. They are choosing to do so by directing their children’s upbringing through home schooling and private schools.

Very often, they have done this with quiet resolve; paying for their child’s tuition and expenses while also paying for the public-at-large’s public education system in which they do not participate.

Now, as a result of budget cuts subsequent to a period of record spending on public education, voices of complaint such as from Mr. Fitzsimon are heard ringing in difficult times for public education ahead.


I ask that you lead the way for the N.C. State Republican representatives and vote NO to the unneccessary imposition of a government issued Voter ID on North Carolinians. This will ultimately be an outrageous and uncalled for expense for our state budget as well as for those who can ill afford, but will be expected, to obtain these IDs.

I have supplied your office with just one of several available studies on the ultimate cost this will impose on all our taxpayers. Studies, readily available on the internet, conclude this is not a cost effective effort. Even studies that do not specifically state the ultimate expense of implementation, waffle on the actual benefit of such a bill.


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published: 10/18/2013
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