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So, let me get this straight?

1. It’s currently colder in parts of the U.S. than it is at the North Pole.

2. It’s currently colder in Winnipeg, Canada, than it is on the surface of the Planet of Mars.

3. A ship, retracing a route taken over 100 years ago at the South Pole, by a boat that did not get stuck in the ice, so they could bring more attention to global warming got stuck in the ice! After repeated attempts to reach them by several of the world’s largest ice breakers failed, these brilliant minds had to be airlifted out by a Chinese helicopter.


The U.S. Marines are delaying their female fitness plan because more than half of female Marines in boot camp cannot meet the present minimum standards. "All the service branches are working on devising standards, training and other policies needed to open thousands of combat roles to women in 2016," USA-Today reported recently.

That literally means: compromises, accommodations, concessions, lowering, down-grading or diluting physical requirements and that's going to get people killed. However, in the "whatever it takes," encounter group mentality being forced on the military, at any cost, conscripts are expendable.


I was saddened to hear of the death of Dipakkumar “David” Patel former owner of Relax Inn on Christmas Day. Over the past thirty years of working in the Environmental Health Section for the Macon County Public Health Center, I have worked with numerous individuals especially in the food and lodging industry. In my encounters, David Patel could easily be considered the most compliant new owner. From my initial visit to his business in May 2012, he impressed upon me that he was a man of his word (even though I didn’t know him) to just trust him. Over the last one year and seven months he held true to his word.


Although I must admit to being a skeptic of the ACA [Affordable Care Act], otherwise known as Obamacare, I was hopeful that it somehow could resolve some of the problems we have in delivering medical care to those in need.

My skepticism came through the loss of two friends, one a close business associate and the other an acquaintance.

My business friend lived in London and was under the care of the National Health Service system in England. Derek needed open heart surgery to unclog his arteries and was scheduled for the surgery in nine months. That was too long a wait for him and he died at work.


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published: 10/18/2013
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