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Like many across America, I’ve become very tired of politicians of both parties talking out of both sides of their mouth. On the one hand, they promise voters that they will create jobs, bring about a better health care system, put laws in place to curb pollution and so on. Next thing you know, they’ve become cozy with their corporate donors and the rich get richer and pay fewer taxes. Our country gets mired down in useless wars and the health care and criminal justice systems remain broken.

But there is an alternative candidate for President who has a different view of things – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who is running as a Democrat. Unlike other candidates, Bernie refuses to align himself with any Political Action Committee and instead relies on small individual donations. A self-described Democratic Socialist, Bernie wants to introduce America to a new way of looking at capitalism.


There will be a lot of people who will miss Al Bouchard who died today at Skyland Nursing Home in Sylva. He was instrumental in the founding of many, if not most, of the non-profit organizations in the area. I met him when he helped Advocates for Excellence, and Cathy Gibson. Al Bouchard helped me with founding at the state level, I'm still working on getting the money for a 501(c)3. And most recently he helped Dogwood Insight Center (where I now work) become a non-profit.

Al Bouchard made a difference in so many lives with his work with nonprofit organizations in our community.

Connie J. Conklin — Dillsboro, N.C.

Every caring parent hopes for a good and better future for their children, people in general hope for the advancement of their culture or society in the betterment of all. Past generations of our growing industrial nation proved quite successful for giving a leg up so to speak, to the generation that would follow them. For this our nation has been truly blessed and envied throughout the world.

But this could not have happen just by nature or by the will of man. While nature is admired and we can learn much from it, man has qualities and a superiority that is above nature, which have been instilled into us. If nature is viewed as the driving force of man, then man's driving force would be the survival of the fittest, with no value for life or for much of anything, except for self pleasure. It would be reduced to Aldous Huxley's “Brave New World” or more currently, “Hunger Games” where some people would be made laborers, some politicians, some businessmen all at the dictate of a chosen few, and if you go against the grain, you're reduced to nothing or done away with.


Bernie Sanders' popular message is the reason for his dynamic rise in the polls. It's not that the public is buying into the smear campaign against Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.

It's much deeper than that. People have had enough of business-as-usual politics purchased by big-money interests that has little regard for the needs of middle class and lowincome families who make up 99 percent of the population. Sanders has spent his long political career building a welldeserved reputation of honesty and independence from Wall Street and from the general corruption of our political system.

The all-powerful multi-national corporate interests and the "mainstream" news media that represents their perspective didn't see the Sanders campaign coming and still are in denial of what is happening.


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