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In the Holy Bible we are warned about the blind guides that strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. And so it is with the current administration.

Indeed the mass shootings at churches, theaters, schools and on military bases are terrible and need to be addressed. However, gun control, elimination, etc. is not the answer. If guns and ammo are banned, outlawed, made illegal, it will create a black market second to none. Washington has already proved its inability to control the drug lords. If guns and ammo are outlawed in the stores, you can bet the drug lords will make them available on the streets. At this point, the drug lords will be able to do business with all the nondrug- using constitutional loving U.S. citizens. Washington be “expletive” they will get guns and ammo somewhere.

Guns and ammo are the gnat. Now let’s look at the camel.


In the last several days, I've found it necessary to travel from my home in Highlands to both Franklin and Cashiers and back by way of U.S. highway 64. At many points along the way, I felt like I was driving thru an obstacle course of potholes and uneven patches. On those sharp curves one dares not swerve too far to miss the impending crater.

Now I'm very thankful for those courageous and robust men who, a century ago hung from ropes and used hand held drills and hammers to blast away the rock and soil in order to gouge out these two roads, but nothing lasts forever and they now need some major repairs, not just the smearing on of a little asphalt here and there.

We are now paying 36 cents per gallon in N.C., State excise tax plus 18.4 cents Federal tax, not to mention the additional 8% sales tax which together is one of the highest taxes nationwide. This amount of revenue should be sufficient to maintain our roads and bridges but I'm not convinced it is properly prioritized. I love the beautiful flowers but I'd rather have the potholes fixed and the bridges made safe. Do we really need the grass along our roads cut to look like a golf course? And how about those big DOT salaries and cushy retirement benefits?


It’s obvious that Liberals and Leftist politicians are caught up in a conundrum not unlike the mythological story of Sisyphus who was condemned to eternally push a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down and had to be pushed up again.

Similar to Liberals and Leftists making the same mistakes over and over and yet expecting different results.

The story of Sisyphus is from Greek mythology, the lesson of which has been lost on the Greeks because they keep rolling the stone up the hill over and over. Their politicians, intent on maintaining power over the citizens, gave them whatever they asked for knowing full well that there would be a day of reckoning and that all would eventually collapse around them, which it has.


On behalf of the Franklin Relay for Life event leadership committee we would like to say thank you to all participants in the 2015 Relay for Life. Special thanks to our corporate sponsors who each year are so dedicated.

To each member of our event leadership committee thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. The countless hours that you volunteer could never be measured.

To the team captains and team participants, thank you for the many hours spent conducting bake sales, car washes, beauty pageants, etc.


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