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Thank you to all whom came out and gave blood at Otto Community on February 11, 2012. Without your help we would not have been a success. We were able to get 25 usuable units, 27 people presented to donate.

Look for the next drive.


I am responding to a letter that appeared in the January 19, 2012 issue of the Macon County News. The letter was written by Dr. Ed Morris, wherein he unveiled a startling set of facts that should have been published in our local newspapers before the last election. Dr. Morris implies that the news reporters should have had this information “in hand”, but didn’t act on it.

In my opinion, newspapers are the most essential form of raising public awareness. Ink on paper lasts for ages. A radio news report is dissipated in the wind. TV news is not much more than a flicker of light.


With the economy what it is with no signs of it getting back on course, many are crying out to create more jobs, especially he politicians.

Too many people are depending on others to do the creating for them. Why leave it—the way of survival to others— when it is your personal obligation to count on your own hands.


Back in the 1990s I was privileged to serve several years on the Planning Board, 6 of those years as Chairman. During that time I served with a good number of persons, some of whom had personal agendas, but most of whom were caring people who only wanted to help maintain some of the characteristics which make Macon County such a great place to live.

It would be very surprising to any person who never served on an advisory board how much research, study and learning about other places and other ways, and attempting to adapt plans and regulations which serve well in other places to local problems, goes into any suggested ordinance which is presented to the Commissioners.


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