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It is inconceivable that Duke Energy would apply for a 17 percent residential rate increase when its top executives are taking home total compensation packages in the millions of dollars while customers are struggling to pay their bills, including their electric bills.

Duke Energy’s CEO Jim Rogers total pay package increased 29 percent in 2010 to $8.8 million according to the Associated Press.


With the clear understanding that I am not a fan of Jim Davis, a letter to Macon County News June 30th was a bit disingenuous of the good senator. In referencing the “disintegration” of the American family over the past several decades as an “impediment to public education,” Davis was quite correct. Many changes have taken place in America the past four or five decades, numerous ones have had a negative and profound impact on education.

I was a child of the generation which survived the depression years and World Wars I and II. My parents’ generation was one that had learned to make do with what they had and what they didn't have was not necessarily considered poverty and most certainly not a reason to shirk parental responsibilities.


This letter is to all the wonderful people that helped with the fundraiser for little Cyrus [Bowers]. His fight has just begun and he has such a long way to go. Knowing that so many wonderful people in this community came together to help and brighten this little boy’s future.

Thank you to all the businesses for donation of food and other donations. Without you this fundraiser couldn’t have happened.


At a meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2011, at the Macon County public library, Senator Jim Davis met with an assemblage of local residents, composed largely of educators, to answer questions regarding the implications of the recently passed State budget, which implements millions of dollars in budget cuts to public education and other spending.

Currently, 40% of the K-12 students in North Carolina are living below the poverty level. As one meeting attendee pointed out, this statistic should be of concern to every North Carolinian because numerous studies show a direct correlation between academic achievement and socioeconomic status. It’s hard to concentrate in school with an empty stomach.


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