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A recent local letter writer cautioned us to dig for truth and find facts before we go to the polls.

What wonderful advice. However, she should have taken her own counsel and stopped immediately at the end of her first paragraph while she was still ahead.

She immediately named George Soros as singularly responsible for everything wrong in our “system,” then repeated old misinformation, twisted history and outright lies that have been disproven numerous times by researchers from several verifiable sources. Secondarily, she asserts that Mr. Soros and the United Nations have dark plans and alludes to conspiracies for our future. (I'm not particularly defending this man, but find this an example of relentlessly unreliable “fact-finding.”)


This letter is in support of the Rumble to be held in Franklin this month and in response to Jean A. Welch's letter of gloom and doom concerning the aforesaid rally.

I am personally acquainted with several of the bikers who came to Franklin last June 30 — despite the heat wave — for Becky's and my barbeque for VVA members. Many of these same individuals made the trip to Charlotte this year to honor our state's first Vietnam Veterans Day at the Lowe's Motor Speedway and rode from Florida to North Carolina last Veterans Day to show support for our nation's heroes. These riders are good people who participate in fundraising efforts for the sick and needy as well. They come from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and some of them are even from Franklin.


A special thank you to the parents and students who participated in the “Fill the Bus” event held on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. The materials and supplies donated to the school system will be sent to the schools very soon.

Thanks also to Karen Norton and the PTO volunteers and employees of the schools who assisted with the organization and loading of the supplies.

Jim Duncan
Interim Superintendent
Macon County Schools

The list of questions we must each ask ourselves before we vote in November is virtually unending. I have at least a dozen concerns and I'm having a wearisome time prioritizing them. Most certainly, extending the wars in the Mideast is near the top of the list. It's bad enough that the present administration hasn't ended our involvement there, a change of presidents could be even more disastrous.

Mitt Romney is very apt to follow a harder line of combativeness in that region in order to (1) support the policies of his long time friend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and (2) to appease the powerful Jewish lobby in the United States, trying to filch a substantial portion of the Jewish vote away from Obama.


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