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In regard to the June 7 letter of Mr. Philip J. Migliore, I also lived through the Great Depression. However, my perspective is very different. My brother, two sisters, and I were among the fortunate six percent who managed to get a college education even though our family was terribly affected by the Depression. But we were neither blind nor insensitive to what was happening in our country.

When the Great Depression started and then the economy was really crippled with the crashing of the Stock Market, President Herbert Hoover (R) believed that prosperity would return without any help from the government. With that thinking and subsequent lack of action, the situation became desperate, and the people turned to Franklin D. Roosevelt (D). FDR was a highly educated and wealthy man who knew history and had to have been keenly aware of what happens when millions become desperate and hopeless. They turn to anarchy or revolution.


Election reform is needed in North Carolina. Nearly eight out of ten N.C. voters support Voter Photo ID legislation. Support for restoring confidence in government extends across racial demographics (Whites-81 percent, Blacks-64 percent, Hispanics-79 percent.)

The Tar Heel state has some of the most lax election laws in America. We are so trusting that, once registered, N.C. requires only that an individual state their name and address to receive a ballot. Voting is extended over a period of two and one half weeks before Election Day and we allow Same- Day Registration (enabling people to both register and vote on the same day.)

Do these lenient election laws attempt to discourage or encourage voter fraud? Are voters who they say they are? A Voter Photo ID law would help to alleviate voter deception and keep our elections honest.


In November voters are going to be asked to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and which party will hold the reins of government for the next four years. Before making this pivotal decision that has far-reaching consequences, Americans would be well-advised to ask themselves a few fundamental questions.

One that I would like to have answered, what is it about the rule of law that Barack Obama (and his administration) doesn’t understand? Realizing he could conceivably lose this election, Obama (with the enthusiastic acquiescence of the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice) has eased up on deportation and relaxed immigration policies, without the concurrence of Congress, in order to lure Hispanics to his voting bloc.

Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security) refers to Obama's actions as “prosecutorial discretion.”


Well, the school year is finally over and I could not think of a more suitable time to create my next story. I have had this on my mind for some time now, considering I will be parting my first and only Assistant Principal's post after four years to embark on my next new journey. Naturally, I am both ecstatic and anxious about my new assignment. One motivation for this is that I will be taking on my first Principal ship, and secondly it will be at a post at an international school. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for my family and me, both personally and professionally. My time, commitment and energy devoted to this wonderful community were well worth it and an invaluable learning experience. Isn’t this what life is all about anyhow? However, equally as important, the intent of this post was to share and reveal both reflections and thoughts about the past four years.


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