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There has recently been some misinformation about where our current Senator Jim Davis campaign money came from. To set the record straight, only 6 percent, $25,380, of it came from people in his district. And much of that came from a few maxed-out donors and their families, people who could afford the $4,000 maximum per-person contribution. The figures are recorded in the N.C. Board of Elections web site.

According to that database, Davis raised a total of $500,337, not counting loans to his campaign. Davis was the beneficiary of over $265,000 in Super Pac money, which was traced back to Art Pope and his various front groups.


Kudos to Franklin Board of Aldermen for unanimously passing a resolution calling on the North Carolina General Assembly to petition Congress that the U.S. Constitution be amended to firmly establish that human beings, NOT corporations, are persons.

In colonial days, before our Nation’s founding, England empowered corporations to plunder colonial resources and gave them privilege and power far beyond that of the colonists. In 1776 the American Revolutionists rose against the Crown and its corporations to bring into being a new Nation free of these oppressive forces. Given the colonists’ unpleasant experiences, it is no wonder that our Constitution does NOT mention corporations and our Bill of Rights protecting our human inalienable rights, grants NO such rights to corporations.


Dear Sirs,

I write to urge the Macon County Commissioners to follow the lead of the Franklin Town Board and place on their agenda the requested Resolution to Amend the Constitution. This action would put them in the company of county and town boards across the state and country—toward the goal of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision. That ruling granted rights of “Personhood” to corporations and bestowed to their money the advantage of unlimited “free speech.” It effectively has robbed human citizens of our vote. The proposed 28 amendment would nullify that ruling and re-create—for the 99percent—a level playing field.


There has been too much name-calling in the media lately criticizing the way in which some of our local elected officials do their job, the most recent being the angry response by Brad Seagle in the Friday, April 6, 2012 Franklin Press.

The writer assailed votes by two county commissioners, calling them “Republicrats” because they chose to represent all the people in the county, and voted in the manner which to them seemed to benefit the majority of the citizens. Mr. Seagle believes the two commissioners should be thrown out of office because they did not side with Republican Commissioner Ron Haven.


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