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Concerning government spending and tax collection, one of TMCN&SG’s columnists recently said “The main focus needs to be on how to reduce spending–not collecting.”

The democrats (with a little “d”) who wrote the Articles of Confederation placed such a focus into the Articles. The national government could raise money only by requesting it from the states. The states could give a lesser amount than asked for or nothing at all. This had the effect of making it very difficult for the national government to borrow money. Lenders did not want to lend to a borrower that might not be able to get the money to pay them back. So the national government, little able to either borrow or tax, was much hampered in how much it could spend.


We all know it is HARD, HARD economic times these days. Our state is struggling to come up with a budget that can maintain needed services for children and families. In fact, many of the programs we know today will no longer be there tomorrow. The Children’s Home remains committed to continuing to serve as many children and families as possible. Now more than ever – traditional and therapeutic foster parents are needed to provide homes for children who are in need of temporary and sometimes permanent shelter & care.

You Can Help! The Children’s Home is looking for folks just like you to provide a loving and positive environment for the many children referred to them, needing a loving and stable home.


One of the most memorable days of my life was January 19, 2001. The County had tried to institute a serious zoning ordinance, about the size of a telephone book, that would have affected every property owner in the county to one extent or another. A citizens group was formed to oppose this proposed intrusion on our freedom, studied the matter thoroughly and organized an effort to persuade the County to abandon the idea.

Bumper stickers were distributed, ads were run and an informative rally was organized and publicized. The site was the Community Building and the turnout was almost beyond belief.


Go back to 2008 and anyone with a mortgage could for up to $300,000 to payoff their mortgage. The banks or lending institutions would then pay back their government loans. The people who get this $300,000 plus or minus would still have to pay this mortgage once the economy returned. This would return the housing market and jobs, foreclosure will only keep driving the market down. It is not right that the middle class in this great country, pays most of the tax burden and are the ones being foreclosed on.

No company, bank, or institution that is getting relief from the government, such as tax breaks, guarantees, or any other moneys, can pay a salary of more than $500,000 per year including any other type of bonus.


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