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Blue Valley, also known as Overflow Creek WSA (wilderness study area), is being considered for an important national legislative change the likes of which we have not seen since 1987 when it was first designated by Congress and approved by the Forest Service.

It is currently managed as a wilderness area even though it could change at any time at the discretion of the Forest Service especially when leaned on by special interest. Some of you may remember Rep. Charles Taylor and his desire for logging the area.


I am responding to the Jan. 13 article in the Macon News regarding the Motocross Track. I would like to make a correction. The Nov. 23 meeting was cancelled since there were not enough board members to vote on the variance. The meeting being referred to in that article was held on Dec. 21.

At that December meeting, prior to his dropping his request for the variance, Mr. Talley’s testimony, as stated in the Franklin Press, included this quote: “He would be happy to post his motocross events in local media to alert his neighbors of the dates and times if they wanted to plan to leave town those weekends.”


I wish to respond to the letter from Victor Drummond published in the Dec. 23, 2010, issue of The Macon County News. Mr. Drummond calls into question the projected county population and housing figures mentioned by Larry Stenger in a previous letter published December 16, 2010. Rather than Mr. Stenger’s figures being wrong, I suggest it is Mr. Drummond’s figures that are wrong.

According to U.S. Census data, Macon County has been experiencing steady and rapid population and housing unit growth for the past 40 years. Population increased 27.8% from 1970 (15,788) to 1980 (20,178), 16.5% from 1980 to 1990 (23,499), and 26.9% from 1990 to 2000 (29,811). According to the preliminary data from the most recent census, as reported by the MCN on Sept. 23, 2010, the population in Macon County in 2010 was 36,667, a 23% growth rate since 2000.


The recent tragedy in Arizona resulting in loss of life and injury to so many people was horrible. For one deranged person to have caused such pain is beyond belief.

What made the event even worse, if possible, were the immediate conclusions being made attributing the attack to political vitriol, combative language during the elections, and the Tea Party movement. Ascribing malicious and dangerous motives to a grassroots group is, at best, mistaken, and at most, an effort to quash healthy discourse by demonizing one’s adversaries.


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published: 10/18/2013
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