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I have heard so much negativity about Frontier buying out Verizon. I just had to write and say how wrong rumors can be. I cannot find any fault with Frontier.com or Frontier telephone. All employees are based in USA. Hurray for Frontier!

If you need to call them. no long wait time, if any. No problem understanding what is said and fast courteous service.


This letter is in response to a recent Letter to the Editor by Larry Stenger, vice-chair of the Macon County Planning Board about a fox in the hen house. The so-called fox, Jimmy Goodman, served on the planning board when the Erosion Control and High Impact Ordinances were passed and was removed from the board just like Al Slagle was. Both men deserved better treatment and were just pawns in a political game. The current sideshows and political maneuvers were absent when Goodman lost and have now turned into local comedy.

This ongoing debate is larger than a steep slope ordinance or some other regulation as political philosophies differ in that liberals want total governmental control of our lives and conservatives rely on personal responsibility with very limited government intrusion.


Our beautiful white Christmas was a dream come true for many people. Some of them couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy the winter fun, while others simply spent the day with their family, in the cozy warmth of their home, admiring the peace and tranquility of the scene through their window.

I would like to make a gentle suggestion to everyone. No matter which option you choose, please take time to remember, and to thank, all the members of the Department of Transportation, law enforcement, emergency services, electric power crews, and others, who probably didn’t even get to see their families on Christmas day because they were so busy making the white wonderland safer for the rest of us. It is so easy to forget how much we depend on their efforts.


Operation North State needs assistance regarding the following request for our North Carolina troops deployed in Afghanistan.

We just wrapped up our Christmas gift box program whereby we sent 500 gift boxes filled with N.C. goodies to the men and women from North Carolina serving in all branches of the armed forces that were deployed during the Christmas holidays and weren’t home with their loved ones and friends. The program was a huge success.


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published: 10/18/2013
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