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We taxpayers bailed out the financial industry when its greedy practices led to near collapse. We should do right by students and graduates who’ve done nothing wrong by forgiving student loan debt. This debt is now more than $946 billion, will likely top $1 trillion, and exceeds our national credit card debt.


Thank you to all who came out and gave blood at Otto Community on Oct. 2. Without your help we would not have been a success. We were able to get 27 usable units, 27 people presented to donate. Look for the next drive. Thanks to all the businesses and churches that put up the announcements.

Phyllis Castle
President Otto Community Development
Red Cross volunteer

“Buy the state’s legislature,” why, I’m shocked, shocked to think the state’s Republican Party (or Jim Davis) would be party to such an affront as to actually consider buying an election, why it’s unthinkable. The truth of the matter is, whether it’s Art Pope’s money buying influence for Republicans or George Soros’ buying it for Democrats or multi-national corporations buying it for both, Americans are well aware of the enormous and destructive impact money has on our electoral system.


Impact Community Day in Franklin on Oct. 1 was a resounding success! United Methodists in the Franklin area joined community members to make a huge impact. At least 120 volunteers signed up for the event, choosing to work in one of 14 sites around the city (six homes and four institutions). There were multiple jobs being done at each site, including completing home repairs, cutting firewood for CareNet and at least two homes, writing thank you cards to shut ins and to area foster parents, yard clean up, cleaning out a cistern, visiting nursing homes, washing car windows in parking lots, mowing grass, filling in sink holes, and the list goes on. It was absolutely amazing!


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