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Prior to becoming a pastor here in Franklin, I was a lieutenant in the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office on duty at the time of 9/11 (Fairfax is contiguous to Arlington County where the Pentagon is located).

I witnessed firsthand the open wound of the Pentagon, saw the cadaver dogs looking for our beloved dead citizens in the wreckage, and worked to set up a makeshift morgue to receive the remains of body parts from the horrific disaster of 9/11.


Whenever I travel I like to read local papers and the letters to the editor.

I was pleased to see Larry Turlington’s letter about “why we don’t have jobs.”

Mr. Turlington is 100 percent correct and speaks the truth. Americans have been led to believe that problems can be solved simply by passing a law, i.e., “there ought to be a law.”


Enough already of people criticizing, complaining and opposing Bud Talley’s vision of The Talley Farms Motocross Track, or whatever he wants to call it. It’s time someone wrote a positive response to his idea. I guess I’m the one to do it, because I support his plan 100%. Smoke is not just blowing here; I’m stating facts from personal interaction with the Talley family, and with other native Maconians.

I write this not from reading other letters, but from word of mouth, due to the fact I do not read the Franklin Press or Macon County News on a regular basis.


Just as Needmore, McCoy Bridge is a very popular tourist attraction. Hundreds of out-of-town and out-of-state visitors drive across and walk on the bridge because of its uniqueness and simple beauty. Last summer as I was fording the river under the bridge with my two dogs, a young couple hung over the side and shouted, “Do you live near here? We’re from Charlotte visiting family and HAD to come over to walk across this old bridge. It’s just wonderful! You’re lucky to live here!”

Yep! And just recently I thought of a similar story occurring down river in Cowee over 200 years ago. It is recorded in James Mooney’s “History, Myths, and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees.”


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