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I attended the recent public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan and came away confused. First, according to the Division Engineer who manages Division 14 of the NCDOT, of which Macon is a part, all this hoopla about requiring a Comprehensive Plan or we’ll be cut off from road projects is not accurate. Yet it seems that the county administration is under the impression that this is the case.

Aside from the confusion over why the plan is necessary, I’m trying to understand its purpose, which, among other things, is ostensibly to create an environment that attracts jobs. Yet, there are many provisions and recommendations that make home construction more difficult and more expensive.


STOP! I, too, would like to have smaller class-sizes, but whoa, let’s Stop, Relax, and Think!

According to our legislators, we cannot afford the classroom personnel that we have now. Literally, thousands of educators are being laid off. Isn’t it odd that at this time, there is a “new” idea by Sen. Berger to reduce the primary grades to a class of 15 to 1? It is only a great idea if you leave the assistants there, too!

Politics aside, could we use some common sense in this situation? If you kick-out seasoned teaching assistant professionals to reduce the class size, have you upped the personnel working with children? No, you have not. Children need child care, which means eating, drinking, playground and bathroom visits.


In the May 19, 2011, issue of The Macon County News, there is an article about the Blackberry Jam Festival. In that article, it is stated that “‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ was the song of choice to kick off the event, performed by musical troupe Carolina Brass.”

This sentence is fraught with error; I do not know whether the errors result from misinformation being given out by spokesmen for Carolina Brass or from the reporter relying on assumptions rather than on research.

First, songs have words. Carolina Brass presented no songs, only tunes.


I am replying to Mr. Hogsed’s opinion article about the benefits of the Talley motocross track. Yes, Mr. Hogsed you are exactly correct in saying children would have a place for these activities, and the track would bring around 300 participants on the weekends. What you fail to illuminate is that along with the 300 participants, there would be nonstop dozing of the track, motor homes, pit bikes, lights needed for the track, a loud speaker system, dust and constant noise traveling all over Clarks Chapel. As experienced motocrossers, “race days” are just a small part of the activity. The practice days for each of the age groups takes place days and nights throughout the entire week - from Monday to Sunday. And, as the planned motocross activity would take place from April - November, the most beautiful part of the year, property owners would no longer enjoy the peace and quiet and tranquility that Clarks Chapel is famous for. How would property values be affected?


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