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I ask that you lead the way for the N.C. State Republican representatives and vote NO to the unneccessary imposition of a government issued Voter ID on North Carolinians. This will ultimately be an outrageous and uncalled for expense for our state budget as well as for those who can ill afford, but will be expected, to obtain these IDs.

I have supplied your office with just one of several available studies on the ultimate cost this will impose on all our taxpayers. Studies, readily available on the internet, conclude this is not a cost effective effort. Even studies that do not specifically state the ultimate expense of implementation, waffle on the actual benefit of such a bill.


This is in response to Justin Conley editorial of March 10, 2011, entitled “Voter suppression and no jobs.”

Oh Justin. To quote Ronald Reagan, “there you go again.” According to your editorial, Republicans are out to disenfranchise, “students, minorities, the disabled, and those in poverty,” and waste taxpayer money spending $20 million to do it instead of using that money to create jobs. The only job any government creates, whether led by Democrats or Republicans, are more government jobs which must be paid for by taxes. Government does have the ability to encourage job creation in the private sector through its fiscal policy, but it does not “create” jobs. And I just know you did not mean to suggest this state needs even more state employees, did you?


Watching Republicans try to fix problems is like watching a baby try to eat cake. It’s cute that they’re trying, but really, it’s just going to end up making a huge mess and we’ll end up doing double the work because of it.

The new “Voter-ID” law being pledged by the Republican controlled General Assembly comes across as protecting the franchise of people here in North Carolina. They lead you to believe that this is an ever-growing problem that has the potential to up end the democratic process. Aside from the fact this has nothing to do with the creation of jobs to which they ran their campaigns on; as this is completely political. Essentially, this is the right’s Get-Out-The-Vote program to intimidate and stop others from voting.


Chef Caleb Partridge wants to thank everyone who donated towards his spaghetti fundraiser. It was a great success. He raised $600 with the proceeds going to CareNet and IUMC missions.

God’s blessing to everyone.

Caleb Partridge — Franklin, N.C.

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