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I was amused to read recently that Scott Cochran, the promoter for the town’s upcoming Rumble in the Smokies motorcycle rally, stated that noise would be an unavoidable inconvenience to residents and “the biggest complaint you will have, and the biggest I have (is noise). I can’t sugarcoat that. It is noisy and it is aggravating.”

How generous of Mr. Cochran to warn residents and tourists that they will be assaulted for three days with the deafening sound of perhaps thousands of motorcycles, not to mention inconvenienced by closed downtown streets and blocked traffic.


If our world were to be totally evil, with no evidence of good, the there would be no God. But if the world were to be all good, with a total absence of evil, then there would be only God. This good was bridged by our creator wanting a relationship of genuine love for us, and us towards Him. When He created us with a free will to choose, this was truly an act of love on His part, for you cannot know love unless you are given the free will to choose or reject it. Did the one you love force you to love him or her? Certainly not, true love can only be known if it’s ‘freely’ given and accepted.


Thank you for your extensive coverage by Tax Assessor Richard Lightner as to why the Macon County Board should delay the revaluation of the county property until 2015 (your eight year cycle), which they did for valid reasons. It made me realize Jackson County’s board must be subverting the N.C. tax laws with a 2013 revaluation agenda, instead of an eight year cycle of 2016, which they were!

With public records providing a paper trail, speaking out at their board meetings, letters to the editor, Sylva Herald, and holding up a sign over and over that said “Jackson County’s commissioners postpone county revaluation to 2016”. Don’t rob over 38,000 citizens to fund your budget of over 58.1 million while lowering taxes for your political base Cashiers/Glenville area. They knew a 2013 revaluation would do just that!


There seems to be a bent in many publications about taking away the gun rights of decent citizens. All this because some psycho is shooting people somewhere.

The State finally made a good decision in allowing responsible permit holders to carry concealed on State lands. Waynesville leaders are being unreasonable in their attempt to prevent responsible citizens from protecting themselves in town parks. Anti-gun advocates are always shouting that people are running around carrying guns and that is simply not true. Only psychos and criminals have guns because they really don’t care what the law is. In North Carolina, less than 10 percent of the population have a “permit to carry a concealed pistol”.


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