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House Representatives, I’d like to thank you for putting rich white kids first in North Carolina with your vote on May 3. It’s about time! I am so tired of these hard working, poor and minority children who go to school everyday trying to make their lives better in the only safe environment they know.

I want to thank you for creating jobs in North Carolina, specifically at the ESC to handle the larger unemployment lines coming our way in the next few years. It will feel good to get rid of these high paid fat cat teacher assistants, counselors, school nurses, custodians and secretaries that help to feed and put clothes on the backs of these little leaches on society.


I am writing this letter to reflect on the changes here in Macon County. I am a lifelong resident who was born here and lived here since 1953. I don’t know if the changes were for the good or bad.

I was heartbroken to see Iotla School torn down. I went 8 years there and graduated. Also the changing of Hwy 28 which I have driven on for 42 years.


Can someone in the County or City Government explain to us why when jobs for both male and female comes available they are not published in our newspapers?

It would seem to me all the citizens of our County be given an opportunity to apply instead of brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and buddies who are hired behind closed doors.


Prior to becoming a pastor here in Franklin, I was a lieutenant in the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office on duty at the time of 9/11 (Fairfax is contiguous to Arlington County where the Pentagon is located).

I witnessed firsthand the open wound of the Pentagon, saw the cadaver dogs looking for our beloved dead citizens in the wreckage, and worked to set up a makeshift morgue to receive the remains of body parts from the horrific disaster of 9/11.


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