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Thank you Senator Davis for raising my taxes. As with the majority of North Carolina citizens who earn less than $84,000 a year, my total state tax bill went up. Most of the promised tax cuts went to the higher income taxpayers and large corporations. So much income was lost by these cuts that the state budget is now in the red. You have to admire Senator Davis faith in "trickle down economics" even though that economic philosophy has never been proven to work.

Thank you Senator Davis for supporting the redistribution of wealth. He supports legislation that redistributes sale tax revenue to "poorer" counties. That could mean the loss of about $1.5 million for Macon County and a loss of $44,000 for the town of Franklin. This is money you and I would have to make up with our local tax dollars. Could it be that most of those "poorer" rural counties vote mostly Republican, and most of those "rich" counties vote mostly Democratic?


When does it want it? Now!

On March 31, 2015, Governor McCrory signed into law Session 2015-2 (Senate Bill 20). This was an update from a January 1, 2015, bill that decouples North Carolina (NC) from the federal “Tax Increase Prevention Act” of 2014 that extended federal provisions of tax breaks that ended in 2013.

What? N.C. wants to decouple from a tax prevention act? What does it mean?

Well on April 1, 2015, an update to NC Department of Revenue (DOR) site hidden in NC, D-400 Schedule “S” instructions, qualified six changes for this year’s tax filing, made retroactive to the first of the year. Now these changes come at the end of the tax filing season, several days before Easter break and two weeks before end of the filing deadline. They also state that anyone who has already filed, (most everyone by now) must file an amended return by April 15, or be subject to interest and late penalties.


I was saddened to hear president Obama include some of our past evil deeds in his speech a couple of months ago. He attacked both our history of slavery as well as some of the evils of past Christianity and his comments left me with a chill.

True, Christianity has a long and sordid past that many would like to forget but we must study history to understand where we are in the world today.

Truthfully, past Christianity has nothing on ISIS. It was Queen Elizabeth 1 who essentially did the same thing ISIS is currently doing in the Middle East.


Franklin, North Carolina, is blossoming in spring! This morning on my way into the office, I was greeted by numerous wild animals, three squirrels, two deer, two large flocks of turkeys in their full strutting splendor, and a host of birds, all within three miles of my home. Where is anyone more profoundly at home with nature than in our little town? But on that same journey into town I also noticed the ugly reality that so many homes and property have real estate for sale signs marking the grim reality that there is another side to this small town, one of loss.

On any given day I see many u-haul trucks packing up a once prosperous happy family as they embark on finding jobs and hope away from this small town. The beauty is here, happiness is here. Home is here. But we must move because the question is, how can one make a living and raise a family here in the state of the economy?


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