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Opinion Letters

After much thought I changed my registration to Republican in Macon County.

Well, decided to attend the Republican convention being held here in Franklin. I went in with my registration in hand, met a nice lady at the front desk, asked for help telling her I was a new Republican. I didn’t know where to go. She took my card and said she would find someone to help. She did. A lady that I met this past year at the Republican headquarters here in Franklin last election. I went there to meet with Jim Davis about a meeting. I guess I didn’t impress her.


My name is Buster. I am a condemned prisoner, chained and left in solitary confinement. Somebody brings mush and water once a day. I get no exercise or socializing and it’s so boring that I am jumpy and anxious and lonely and terribly unhappy. Thing is, I’m innocent! So I send out SOS calls the only way I know: I bark. Yes, I am a dog. We are sentient beings just like you humans, but treated like we are mere possessions, “underdogs” if you know what I mean.

Why do some humans neglect and abuse us when we need to be useful pals? We can’t protect our owners while on chains. We don’t bark selectively at someone prowling around because we yelp at everything, often bothering neighboring households. We want to play and run and maybe go for walks with our human friends but instead are shackeled by collars often too heavy and tight. We are innocent, but no one is representing us.


Politicians cutting food stamps, medicaid, housing and fighting against affordable health care does not cause abortions. An unwanted or inconvenient pregnancy resulting from a man or woman or both not being responsible for their actions causes abortions.

If individuals would accept responsibility and have only the children they can provide health care for, educate, feed, house and clothe, then there would be no need for the government (our tax dollars) to be the one to provide for the children.

Jesus values all life. Jesus would want the children to have life, the best health care, education, food, housing and clothing. It all comes down to responsibility.

Pauline Burch — Franklin, N.C.

During Sunday’s commemorative Selma voting rights march here in Franklin, our biggest challenge was making it back up town hill. Fifty years ago it took real courage to cross that bridge and face mounted state troopers with hate in their eyes, armed with batons, tear gas and the legal right to bash in skulls. Real blood was spilled that day 50 years ago.

Those sacrifices in Selma lead directly to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which guaranteed equal access to the voting booth for all citizens. When that law was gutted in 2013 by a conservative Supreme Court, many states of the old Confederacy immediately enacted new laws to limit voting rights. Those new laws would have been prohibited by Voting Rights Act. Once again North Carolina lead the way back to the 1950s by quickly passing the worst voter suppression law in the country.

The rationale for these voter suppression laws is always the same. Laws must be enacted to stop rampant voter fraud and to protect the sanctity of the vote. They argue that you need proper ID to get a driver license or to buy a pizza, so why not to vote? Apparently these lawmakers forgot that you don't have a Constitutional protected right to buy a pizza, but you do to vote.


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