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It really doesn’t matter who the sheriff is. No one seems to have the tools to protect senior citizens from bullies with guns.

There are hundreds of little plastic signs out there asking us to elect or re-elect someone for sheriff. It really doesn’t matter to me who the sheriff is because no one is willing or able to protect me and my dogs from my bully of a neighbor. No one seems able or willing to make Macon County a safe place for me to live. This is my story:

I bought a small farm in Macon County in 1997. For many years I lived in relative peace, renovating the cabin and growing my own food. Then, the property below me changed hands and the new owners pulled in a doublewide trailer, parking it as close to my property line as allowed by building code. Then he starts laying claim to the neighborhood, announcing to all that “this mountain is now his playground.” He then moves the mailboxes and has the county post an Adopt-a-Highway sign on our little road with his name on it, just in case the dozen or so folks that live up here are litter bugs.


Many people have asked why the Macon County Humane Society changed their name.

There were questions as to why we do so much fund raising since the County gave us funds. That was a reasonable assumption since Macon County is part of the name. The fact is that we get no funding from the county. The Humane Society exists due to donations from our supporters and income from our thrift store.

The other assumption was that we are part of Macon County Animal Control. We are two totally separate organizations. We do not euthanize to make space for more dogs or cats. Animals are with us until adopted.


It appears that Bob Wilson is stuck in a 1950’s time warp. He’s still fighting the Red Menace and the cold war, and thinks the enemy is still Communism with its little brother Socialism. His rhetoric is full of old cold war anti-Communist propaganda and group-think.

In the last 50 years the United States has become more like old Fascist Germany than arch enemy, Communist Russia. Yes, there is a ruling political class in our U.S.A. It’s the ultra-rich and the corporations they run. But don't take my word for it. Facts provide all the proof necessary.


On the way to Wilmington using the smaller roads off the Interstate I found it depressing to note so many of what appeared to have been small manufacturing businesses shut down.

Empty parking lots told the story of what was probably a previously bustling business and a source of jobs no longer there. In some of the smaller towns, one could see the effects of losing an industry, however small it may have been, with deserted stores and shops and gas stations out of business.


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