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The quest or search for reality in life and living is within each of us and is what makes human beings distinctly different than anything that has been created. It's like a seed that's placed within the soul of humanity searching for fertile ground to find root in a truthful reality, even when we are told there is no reality to be found. The two basic realities we all must realize is that the universe exists, and has a reason for being there and what part we play within it; and that man is unique, and is searching for purpose and has questions that need answers.

Humanity cannot escape the reality of what is, no matter what we believe or think. Even Jean Paul Sartre, had no answer for this but stated “... something is there.” Any serious thinking has to reason out and explain these two great phenomena of the universe and man. Some “cause” that has always been and is coherent and can be known, it's like reading a map that a designer has laid out with the beginning starting point as well as the final destination and all the important points in between. Many systems have a hit and miss approach in them, some things you can follow but other things you cannot, their map for life or what is real are not clear or have no reasoning to follow. Some of this we are told comes from within one's own mind and cannot be explained fully, or you have to find within yourself your own experience or reality.


Someone recently commented that the Democratic Party of your parents is not the same we have today. Today, it consists of Liberals and Leftists. Sadly, it’s probably true.

Because early Democrats supported their position on slavery using Biblical justification, one must wonder if they aren’t trying to do the same thing today by making it all but impossible for our black Americans to escape the government plantation.

It is a well-known fact that you can take any group or tribe, of any color or location, and quickly make them dependent by giving them free goodies. This is precisely what Democrats have done to our black Americans.

An obvious consequence we see in the black community is a lack of self-respect but who could possibly have self-respect when you are a working age citizen dependent on government handouts? How can a 15-year-old single mother gain self-respect while on a government dole?


As a New York City gal who moved to a log cabin in Montana some years ago, I discovered the meaning of The Wilderness Act of 1964. Someone told me I’d just located to a couple of miles from the designated Cabinet Mountain Wilderness area and before I even dared hike a nearby trail, I recall thinking each night before sleep, “Wow, all’s ok up there. Nature is taking care of everything. I don’t have to worry or go up there to check out the place or even find out what’s going on.”

Which was the intent of the act as written in 1964 by The Wilderness Society member Howard Zahniser, who “believed modern humans deeply need wilderness because of the spiritual value that comes from recognizing ourselves not as masters but as members of a larger community of life.” He wrote, “A wilderness, in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”


“Always a ray of sunshine,” that is what her tombstone reads. She was only 36 years old when her estranged husband murdered her in her home. He shot her in the back as she turned to run to escape his threats. My beautiful sister, Betsy Conley Angel’s sunshine was forever blanketed on March 10, 1989, when Jackie Angel maliciously took her life. She was so young, so full of life when she was tragically stripped from our lives forever.

It is quickly approaching the 26-year anniversary of her death, while every year we mourn the loss of our beloved Betsy, this year will be especially difficult. Difficult, because this year we must again fight to keep her murderer in prison as Jackie Angel is scheduled for a parole hearing. Jackie Angel was sentenced to life in prison for the firstdegree murder of our sister; however, that may not happen. The North Carolina Department of Corrections has set a parole hearing in January of 2015.


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