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When President Clinton left office in 2001, Americans paid 20.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in taxes. President Bush twice cut taxes and gave major tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, resulting in a reduction in our total federal revenues for each of the past two years to just 14.6 percent of GDP, the lowest rate in the last 60 years. Seventy percent of these tax cuts went to the wealthiest Americans. Bush created the myth, “You cut taxes and the revenues increase” which so many Republicans still believe.

Federal deficits are clearly a major problem today. Under Clinton with fair taxes on the wealthy our national debt, as a percentage of GDP, was reduced by 9 percent.


I have just received a notice from Senator Jim Davis that the NC Senate passed a bill requiring women who are considering an abortion to have an ultrasound.

I would be more impressed if the Republicans who voted for that kind of control over women in this state exercised the same kind of concern for the babies once they are born. The cuts to supports to the poor in North Carolina will result in many more families struggling to care for another child. These cuts will also affect the health, education and well-being of many North Carolina’s children now and in the future.


Ms. Ches’ letter in the July 21, 2011, Macon County News asked why, in her words, we brain-damaged, observation damaged, conservatives from some parallel universe can’t see the United States the way she and her liberal Democrat cohorts do.

In Hollywood movies, space aliens were usually portrayed as extremely intelligent, powerful, and even cuddly — like “E.T.” I think Ms. Ches may be on to something.

We conservatives tend to be more thoughtful and analytical when considering issues our country faces. Liberal Democrats tend to blindly parrot their party’s talking points.


Before Shirley Ches graced us with her commentary on the state of the universe in her recent letter to the editor, most of us didn’t know we had a spokesperson for USA Earthlings right here in Franklin.

Mz. Ches evidently presumes to speak for all liberals in her tirade against us who “mouth our pledge, sing our National Anthem and wave our flag.” She says that reports show that the “trickle down” theory had been disproved. She says conservative economics has sent jobs overseas. I say outrageous wages demanded by labor unions forced business overseas in order to compete. I say that our egregious corporate tax rates have forced business overseas.


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