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In answer to Mr. Doug Hogsed’s letter giving his full approval to Mr. Talley’s motocross track, I’d like to address each of his moronic points:

1. I suggest that the 300 or so motorcycle riders go to your neighborhood and ride for hours so that you can enjoy the “sounds of youth having fun.”

2. If Hazel Talley is not with us anymore, who are you to assume that she would want to annoy all of her neighbors, decrease their property values and turn this peaceful community into a three-ring circus.


Who decided the current definitions applied to the political "Left" or Liberal, and "Right" or Conservative?

It's difficult to accept the currently espoused, oft-hypocritical, definition of supposed right, or "Right" Conservatism.

We hear glib mouthings that our country should return to what some claimant insists is "right", basing that claim on whatever is their supposition of our nation's founders intent.


I thought I had seen most sides to politics but what just happened in Macon County outdid it all for me.

The job of Veterans Counselor became available in the Macon County office. Applications were accepted by the county manager but I have watched and read every issue of The Franklin Press and still haven’t seen the ad yet. But that’s not it, a person was picked by the county manager and what I have been told, one commissioner sitting on a committee. The person picked held the job many years ago, resigned and had not served for ten years. This hurt the veterans because the rules have changed some in ten years. More than likely this person will need a good couple of years to come to understand the present rules. It’s bad enough the vets must wait for the federal governement to decide on his disability claims.


From now through the presidential election of 2012, America will be having an important debate between those who want to continue to spend money we don’t have and those who want to reduce the spending that has brought us to the edge of economic disaster. Of primary concern will be issues regarding the size and scope of our federal government and a reminder that our Constitution limits its power. While those on the left continue to ignore the fact that we have a Constitution that limits the power and scope of the federal government, those on the right continue to remind them of those limitations.

The first paragraph of Ben Utley’s (Chairman Of The Macon County Democratic Party) recent letter to the editor regarding raising the debt and the scope of the federal government speaks volumes about the mindset of those on the left.


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