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Ask yourself, for just one day, can I match the passion and dedication of Alzheimer’s caregivers and those with the disease? For them, it’s every day. For us, just one - June 20, 2012, the longest day of the year.

The Longest Day™ is a sunrise-to-sunset relay event to raise funds for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association. This event is about love, patience, strength and endurance, but it's also about a challenge. On June 20, 2012, my teammates and I will test our physical limits by completing approximately 16 hours of endurance activities, such as biking, running or walking - even a motorcycle rally. That doesn't mean the individual has to do the entire 16 hours by themselves, but rather that the team be in motion for 16 hours.


This is intended for all men: political office holders, religious of all faiths, and just plain “guys.”

I speak for women. You know - us! The other half of the population.

We may differ in age, ethnicity, income level, religion or personally held values, but nevertheless, north, south, east, or west, we are sisters under the skin. We usually grow up guided by our mothers, other family females or caretakers. We learn to care for our shelters, we learn how to feed our future families, and we play with dolls and learn to care for our young - though we often dig in dirt and play with trucks too, which serves to give us a well-rounded history.


Macon County’s middle name should be named Nepotism County. Kim, your letter to Macon News about the good old guys in Macon County was on the money but, Kim, where have you been?

Every job in the county that is available is usually filled even before the job search ad is printed and usually when the appointment is announced in our local papers. It starts out “Joe Blow has been hired for such and such a job and is a native of Macon County.” If you think I am wrong, check the local papers out. Wake up, Kim. Qualifications mean nothing in Macon County, who your uncle is, what counts.


Last week on June 7, my absentee neighbor apparently hired a bushwhacker to neaten up his three acres raw land out here in the sticks.

Upon walking up the road same evening, I was greeted with a loud clamor of birdsong, saw the manicured landscape, and realized nests had been destroyed in a couple hours of mindless “spring cleaning.” Indigo buntings, field sparrows, carolina wrens, even a brown thrasher were obviously in a distressed state. A rabbit kept running back and forth across the naked field.

The owner is clueless. The bushwhacker has no idea of the hundreds of living creatures he killed. Another patch of functioning wildlife habitat disappeared with a few sweeps of an inane machine at the most inopportune time. Waiting until July would have at least spared most of the nesting birds.


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