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As a senior, how wonderful it is to have a young helpful gentleman at the Otto recyling center. He is always smiling and most helpful and the place has never looked cleaner. I just hope he stays and it lasts.

What a delight to now go to the recycling center.

Glenda Lynn — Franklin, N.C.

I was totally aghast last week to read an article concerning newly elected Senator Jim Davis’ contention about how much it was costing the State to have low income persons be able to procure free fishing licenses.

I was social worker for the Blind for 12 years, serving the five western counties of North Carolina. At that time it was possible for me to obtain free fishing license for blind or visually impaired clients. I would be interested to know where Senator Davis gathered his information, printed in the article, that it would cost the State from $12 to $15 to procure each license. I noted that Buncombe County stated it would only cost $3.60 in that county.


The Republicans and their Tea Party extremists accuse Democrats of inciting class warfare. It is now apparent the GOP, representing the elite two percent of our country, has declared war on the rest of us. Their budget communicates a total disregard, if not downright disdain, for seniors, the disabled and those who live from paycheck to paycheck. In our last election the GOP campaigned on “Taking Our Country Back.” Their budget appears to Take America Backward to the 1920s based on proposals to eliminate our social safety net, eliminate financial and safety regulations and turn the economy over to new Robber Barons.


To all Macon County residents:

Circumstances have prevented the organization of the annual county-wide litter pick-up - recycling event to celebrate Earth Day here in Macon County this year.

Because there has been no one able to fill this breach for a spring-time effort, let me personally urge all Macon Countians to please go outside, pick up and appropriately recycle the glaringly evident roadside trash, the plastic bags blown into the fields, brush and trees, and the various junk decorating our streams and mountain vistas.


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