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Nearly two weeks ago, the N.C. Education Lottery distributed to the video gaming industry across the state a “Request for Information” on video lottery terminals. The process will allow the governor and state officials an opportunity to learn about how the video gaming industry operates in our state and how they could look at various models to regulate and tax video gaming.

Let’s face it, people like playing internet-based sweepstakes and “Pot of Gold” machines. It’s entertaining and as long as there is a demand from customers, the market and technology will supply the demand.


Some Republican members of Congress are pushing for a vote in the House on Thursday to slash all funding for NPR, PBS and other public media. This is the closest they have ever come to pulling the plug on the news and cultural programming that many Americans say they support.

A few members of Congress have spoken out against this assault on media. With your help, we can get more members to take a stand.


I’m not sure if I’m angry, embarrassed, disappointed, or a combination thereof, because of an event that was held here in Franklin, Saturday, Jan. 22. The American Legion Post 108 held a Constitutional Speech competition for high school students. Students were to give an eight to ten minute prepared speech on the Constitution of the United States. The second part of the contest was a three to five minute extemporaneous speech on a selected amendment to the Constitution. Prizes were awarded and the winner is eligible to participate in the next level of the contest to be held in Hickory. As the student continues winning in the competitions, he or she is able to win large sums of monies for their college education.


Recently the National Science Foundation (NSF) granted Professor Thomas Ford (WCU) and Associate Professor Julie Woodzicka (Washington and Lee University) $300,000 to research how sexist humor contributes to imbalanced relations between men and women. Naturally it’s assumed that men have the sexist attitudes and women are the victims of it. The participants in this project will perform such tasks necessary to help the researchers determine how exposure to sexist humor affects perceptions of women and discrimination against them. According to Professor Ford, “ultimately this research addresses issues of critical social relevance.” Really? I have my doubts.


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