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The North Carolina Senate released a state budget this week that makes government live within its means and puts more money in the pockets of taxpayers, while protecting essential public services.

Among others, our budget makes three responsible, longoverdue changes:

First, it reforms North Carolina’s broken education system. An educated workforce is vital to our state’s future.


The fact that Jim Davis refers to the radical budget being proposed down in Raleigh as the state “living within its means” is a joke. The farce of this proposal is the false notion that businesses are being wildly burdened and that our private sector suffers.

Unmentioned is N.C. remaining as the “No. 2 Best State for Business” awarded by 500 CEOs in Chief Executive Magazine. How is our great state outdoing the vast majority of other states, if the government is “on the back” of jobcreating businesses? Thanks to North Carolina’s educated workforce N.C. has shifted from manufacturing to more knowledge-based jobs such as banks, high-tech endeavors and pharmaceuticals.


I attended the recent public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan and came away confused. First, according to the Division Engineer who manages Division 14 of the NCDOT, of which Macon is a part, all this hoopla about requiring a Comprehensive Plan or we’ll be cut off from road projects is not accurate. Yet it seems that the county administration is under the impression that this is the case.

Aside from the confusion over why the plan is necessary, I’m trying to understand its purpose, which, among other things, is ostensibly to create an environment that attracts jobs. Yet, there are many provisions and recommendations that make home construction more difficult and more expensive.


STOP! I, too, would like to have smaller class-sizes, but whoa, let’s Stop, Relax, and Think!

According to our legislators, we cannot afford the classroom personnel that we have now. Literally, thousands of educators are being laid off. Isn’t it odd that at this time, there is a “new” idea by Sen. Berger to reduce the primary grades to a class of 15 to 1? It is only a great idea if you leave the assistants there, too!

Politics aside, could we use some common sense in this situation? If you kick-out seasoned teaching assistant professionals to reduce the class size, have you upped the personnel working with children? No, you have not. Children need child care, which means eating, drinking, playground and bathroom visits.


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