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Volunteering for a charity is wonderful, but did you ever wonder how many jobs people might have if people didn’t volunteer? Case in point!

Angel hospital. We just saw a picture where Mr. Hubbs, CEO of Angel hospital stated by having so many volunteers that Angel saved over $300,000, I think that money could have been salaries to Macon County residents.


Washington is corrupt (and Raleigh and Trash-dump Hill). Democracy is the creature of oligarchy. Constitutional change is needed.

But if the oligarchs possess our government, they are not going to permit change that will reduce their power and influence. (see here)

So, how to achieve constitutional change?


At this time of Thanksgiving, I want to gratefully acknowledge several people and organizations that have worked very hard on behalf of the abandoned and neglected dogs and cats in Macon County. Because of the dedication of these people and their “hands on” efforts, we have more awareness about unwanted pets and a better grasp on the severe problem of overpopulation.


“Occupy America and friendly fascism: Life in the corporate police state” by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute in The Macon County News & Shopping Guide for 10 November 2011, was an excellent commentary. Only one point can I disagree with. He says “a corporate-government complex ... has been slowly evolving over many decades.” Indeed, a corporate-government complex has been firmly entrenched for many decades.

Oligarch are the people who manage the giant corporations, and the people who create and trade imaginary money.


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