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Just as Needmore, McCoy Bridge is a very popular tourist attraction. Hundreds of out-of-town and out-of-state visitors drive across and walk on the bridge because of its uniqueness and simple beauty. Last summer as I was fording the river under the bridge with my two dogs, a young couple hung over the side and shouted, “Do you live near here? We’re from Charlotte visiting family and HAD to come over to walk across this old bridge. It’s just wonderful! You’re lucky to live here!”

Yep! And just recently I thought of a similar story occurring down river in Cowee over 200 years ago. It is recorded in James Mooney’s “History, Myths, and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees.”


When I was a little child, I was taught a prayer for children: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep .... “

I recently received a modest inheritance with which I had hoped to start a small business. I am finding that after my various governments in Washington, Raleigh and out on Trash Dump Hill get through chewing away at it with their several building and other regulations and their “permit” fees, the business project is too expensive for me to undertake.

Since revenge is the Lord’s, it is now time for me to learn a prayer for adults.


I really have tried to see the other side of the coin, in this case a penny. I see NC education falling into a deep abysmal decline, due to a budget that caused a loss of professionals to meet the needs of everyone’s children. I see longer unemployment lines, and companies turning their backs on a state throwing their future away. I see faithful, NC educators, eventually, leaving this state to go to states that care about the children and the future. Whether you are a people person or a dollar and cents person or a blend of the two, it makes no sense, it makes no cents, because it is nonsense.

This is in a day and time when three years ago, not many people would stop to pick up a fallen penny (and many still will not). The estimated annual adult taxpayer cost for this penny tax is about $150, which is the same proportion for everyone: a penny to a dollar. Isn’t that what the extremists declare they want?


From now through the presidential election of 2012, America will be conducting a dynamic debate regarding its future. Of primary concern will be issues regarding the size and scope of our federal government and at what levels our government would be responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of its people.

Deserving attention, and getting it, is whether again to increase the size of our national debt ceiling. In addition, debate is underway with regards to what principles and values we should incorporate in the consideration and approval of the 2012 Budget.


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