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“Real Jobs NC,” “Civitas Action,” and “Americans for Prosperity” are Political Action Groups bankrolled by Art Pope, his family and associates.

Art Pope resides in eastern North Carolina. It is unlikely that he or his associates have ever spent much time in our corner of the state.

In the 2010 election his PACs spend millions of dollars here, trashing Democratic candidates and supporting Republicans. Art Pope is a businessman. He and his associates are buying a product. The product is Republican.


Did you know that in Macon Co. that what you will be voting on in May is just not a "Vote" On Marriage Equality, but will also stop in the future Civil Unions.

It will nullify Civil Registry's such as Asheville passed for Basic Civil/Human Rights of visiting a Partner in the Hospital etc.


The two “Old Ladies” of 4 ½ Street want to thank all who attended our block party, celebrating 150 combined years of hospitality. We, the Innkeepers, Donna and Chris of Colonial Pines Inn and Rick and Helene of 4 ½ Street Inn, were overwhelmed with the response and the good wishes that you expressed. We love our community, and seeing everyone dancing, eating, drinking, and laughing together is an example of what makes Highlands such a special place to live.

We also thank the Town of Highlands, the Highlands Police Department and the Town Board for making it possible for us to close the street. We thank Dusty for getting more hot dogs on the fly when we ran out. And … what about that band - Tom Hill and the Midnight Suns! Thanks to Tom (Donna’s brother) for the toe-tapping sounds. Let’s get them back somehow, because they more than rocked!


In late August, I was in Mountain City, Ga. and passed an officer that had stopped a car in a turn lane in front of a gas station. Why the driver didn’t pull into the parking lot, I don’t know. But by the time I spotted the officer walking around the car I was less than five [5] car lengths away and was not able to change lanes safely and quickly. I would have been past him when I was able to change lanes. In fact there was a car just behind me and we both passed the officer. I didn’t know there was this law, as I stated it had been courtesy to move over and he was not visibly out of his car at the time I first saw him. Even when the officer stopped me for this violation, there were cars that passed us in the right hand lane while he was writing my ticket. This officer didn’t go chase them down like he did me! When he chased me down he butted in-between the other car that was still following me when the both of us passed him, in order to write me a ticket!!


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