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Inside our troubled, sinful and corrupt world today, pray for all the millions of people who take life for granted. They live their life like it will never end. They refuse to listen to the truth that they could live forever with Jesus. (Most know all about Jesus but refuse him because of their sinful lifestyles)

Accepting Jesus as your personal savior and changing your lifestyle will give you peace you’ve never known. How wonderful just knowing that eternal life with Jesus awaits you.

Jesus suffered and died on the cross because he loved us and wants all his children to be in heaven with him forever. Yes, his heart has been broken because so many of his children have taken the wrong path and choose to reject him. They have been led astray by their own pleasures and desires down the sinful path with all the wicked, corrupt and sinful ways of the world. This path will only lead to self-destruction, sorrow, separation from God and no hope for everlasting life with Jesus in heaven.


If any one Bible verse or any Bible passage, when believed could justified in what is named the first, there would be no reason or cause to take away what is named as the first.

In the Bible what is named the second it is written, “He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second.” Hebrews 10:9.

The blessing of the second cannot become a blessing or become a “realism” until what is named as the first is taken away.


Forgiveness can be a funny thing. Well, maybe not so much funny as tricky. Most of us are taught from a very young age that apologizing when you are wrong is the right thing to do. Also, that when someone apologizes it is right to accept. Sometimes however, that can all go right out the window when we feel deeply wounded or if we are mad at or don’t like the person who extended the apology. Under those circumstances, we seem to think it is okay to withhold forgiveness and carry the pain around as if it were some kind of badge of honor. Sadly, we can and do let our egos and pride get in the way of forgiving.

Withholding forgiveness really does more to hurt you than the one you won’t forgive. Those bad feelings tend to pile up like garbage and clutter your thoughts, so you can’t see clearly. You become more tainted and cynical and think everyone is out to hurt you. When in reality most people, in general, are not out to hurt anyone. We are all flawed humans and sometimes we just make mistakes. Yes, some may make more mistakes than others, but we are all different individuals and that’s part of what makes our world exciting.


There are two high powers, God and The Devil. One of them is leading me to write this letter. Some that read it will say it was God. Others will probably say it was The Devil.

We all heard about the lady that went to jail for her religious beliefs. She refused to issue a marriage license for a gay couple to get married and went to jail.

I would love to make it clear that no one believes in equal rights more than I. There is a difference though, between equal rights and special rights. I love gays, bank robbers, rapists, preachers who preach for filthy lucre, but I hate their sin. Whenever they are judged, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.


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