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Health care industry not ‘free’

We cannot buy a newspaper or news magazine without being deluged with facts, figures and formulas regarding America's health care system otherwise known as "Obamacare."

Unearthing a little veracity, our health care industry is one of the (if not the) largest and most profitable institutions in America, has been for a long time, and doubtlessly will continue to be in the future. The profits, in my view, are blatantly outrageous, obscene, beyond contemptible. Diane Rowland (letters, MCN, March 20) was painfully accurate, "making a profit off the sick is a very naughty thing to do."

Interestingly enough, 3,000 years ago, in Ancient China, physicians were paid only when their patients were well (Chinese Health and Healing by Daniel Reid, 1994). Each doctor had a certain number of families for which he was responsible. When any member of a family in his charge was ill (including servants) he was not paid until that member was well again. Physicians were therefore highly motivated to make and keep their patients healthy and I suspect (though I'm not sure) the people also were duty-bound to maintain their own good health.

We pay our doctors, when...? Doctors, hospitals, the medical and psychiatric industries are motivated to do, what ..? And, as long as we have "free" medical plans such as Medicaid, isn't it just remotely possible that our own citizens are less than impelled to maintain their own good health?

In respect to liking, or not liking, President Obama for his Obamacare health plans, it would be beneficial to remember that several presidents dating to Teddy Roosevelt (president 1901-1909) have tried to advance health care plans with dubious results.

Diane Rowland wasn't entirely accurate regarding Vermont's health care program. She implied Vermont has a single payer plan free for all citizens. My wife and I moved south from Vermont in June 1996, we still have family and friends there. I spoke to a family member a few days ago and that family is opting out of Obamacare, and accepting the penalty, due to the lack of affordability.

Yes, Vermont is controlled by Democrats; the governor, their lone congressman, and one senator (all Democrats). Their second senator (Bernie Sanders) claims to be an Independent but he caucuses with the Democrats and is a self-described socialist.

Due to this political imbalance, social programs are a top priority in Vermont. Workers, however, are also heavily burdened with a state income tax, a sales tax, and a voluminous property tax. No free health care for working Vermonters, sorry. Vermont is a wonderful state to live in, just terribly expensive for average wage earners. I think they call this "progressive."


Stop the Press! I've heard it all now. Tell me what happened to honesty and going by the rules? I guess not here in Macon County. The hearing to find out where commissioner Ron Haven lives was taken over by his high powered lawyers. They ran all over the Macon County reps. They allowed the hearing to be poorly handled.

This commissioner by his own lawyers admitted to be away from Macon County better than half the time, I ask, when does he act on behalf of us citizens of Macon County?


Welfare cheats, it seems that every conservative has a favorite story about how someone on public assistance is cheating the system. Food stamp cards used for fancy food, having babies to get more money, living off unemployment, phony disabilities claims; all these takers are wasting my tax money. It does not matter if these stories are true or not, conservatives believe them, and they are mad. More proof, to them, that we are heading into a socialist hell.

There is no doubt, given human nature, that there are bad people out there cheating the system. Every government program, in fact, any system involving money can be cheated. And, until we as humans evolve to a higher level of spirituality, it will always be thus.


We seem to look upon man as being basically good, the bad or evil part of man comes from his environment and the way he approaches the world that he finds himself in. The psychiatrists, educators, politicians, even some of the clergy have stated this, and many believe this. We're told man’s problem is how society is structured and built ... and not how man is structured or built. We all are dismayed when someone destroys life and property, and taking what does not belong to them. But why? Why should we care? Has our behavior evolved better than in the past? Don't we correct this with some type of therapeutic cure?


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published: 10/18/2013
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