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Talk is cheap.

Our country has just observed another Memorial Day. The print, TV, and social media and politicians have all waved the flag and urged us to thank our veterans and honor those who sacrificed all. But, if anyone suggested that we all pay enough taxes to keep our promises to the veterans and those presently serving, I missed it. Yes, we owe our freedoms to them. The corporations and billionaires, who have become rich in many cases by the military spending, are not required to pay their fair share of taxes.


June 8 marks the 47th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5), in international waters, approximately 17 miles off the Gaza Strip, killing 34 and wounding 171 of the 295-man crew. I was aboard one of Liberty's sister ships (USS Jamestown GTR-3). We had just left Singapore and were steaming toward our assigned station off the coast of Vietnam.

Americans not yet born, or have long since forgotten the attack on this virtually unarmed U.S. Navy ship and every administration since Lyndon Johnson has down-played the incident, national media cooperating by rarely mentioning the event.

The reason is simple. Liberty was not attacked by any of our adversaries but by our perceived friend and ally, Israel. Without warning, Israeli Air Force Mirage fighters strafed Liberty, resulting in 820 rocket and cannon holes topside. After the fighters, Mystere bombers dropped napalm. While the crew battled the fires, Israeli torpedo boats fired five torpedos at Liberty with the clear intent to sink her. Fortunately four missed but the one that didn't, left a 40-foot hole in her starboard side, killing 25 men.


Everyone has his favorite conspiracy theory: Diana was murdered, the JFK assignation second gunman, 911, or that

Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor. There is a new conspiracy theory going around, namely that 97 percent of the world's climate scientists have conspired to created the hoax of man-made climate change. This theory holds that all these scientists are just creating phony science to protect their funding and do the bidding of the U.S. government and their universities. Let's ignore the actual climate data for the moment and that most denial scientists are funded by fossil fuel companies. Try to imagine that 9,136 climate scientists from all over the world agreeing to create phony peer reviewed climate data in service to the U.S. government. Keep in mind that the evidence for climate change due to human influence has been recognized by the national science academies of all the major industrialized countries. Why would scientist from Russia, China, Germany, France, Brazil, India and Japan together with thousands of scientists of every nationality, jeopardize their professional careers to do a favor for a government many of them despise?


In regards to Darlene Carver’s letter in the 5-22-14 Macon News. On health care. It sure is needed, we need some kind of control. Too many people that didn’t have insurance just because they didn’t want to pay it, as long as they can go to hospital emergency and get free care. The hospital has to make it up by charging more to people that do have insurance, they have to get their money from some where. Taxes: If the wealthy paid there taxes like they did before Pres. Bush cut taxes for the wealthy, there would be money to pay teachers, firemen and police, they wouldn’t be losing their jobs because of cut backs. When they lose jobs, that means no money floating around.


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