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When President Obama spoke to the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbying organization, he provided the required red meat—America’s support for Israel remains drum tight, and war on Iran to prevent their acquisition of nuclear weapons continues to be a viable option. Mr. Obama's pandering (mitigated, in fairness, by his continued commitment to diplomacy) ignored Israel’s own nuclear weapons, and its government’s obdurate support for the settlements that keep eroding Palestinian territory. No doubt it seemed inappropriate to examine the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians with that particular audience—or even the potential suffering of people in Iran and Israel should the dogs of war let loose. He chose instead to use “us against them” language to strengthen his chances for election.


The man who served as NBC-TV’s legal counsel for 25 years warns the FCC is poised to resurrect broad censorship rules that were revoked in 1987 because of their chilling effect on both free speech and the television press.

Corydon B. Dunham says the proposed new Localism, Balance and Diversity Doctrine could eventually also affect news on the Internet. The FCC is reportedly planning to transfer the broadcast spectrum used by local television to the Internet to make it the nation’s primary communications platform, and the agency has started to regulate the Internet.


In the not-too-distant future, perhaps the Mustang Ranch or some other Nevada brothel will open a franchise operation in North Carolina.

What? Isn't prostitution illegal in this state?

Sure, but so is video gambling, except at the casino operated by the Eastern Band of the Cherokees.


It wasn’t long ago in our area it seemed as if new real estate and construction offices were popping up on a regular basis, blooming from the warmth of an overheated housing market. Today, it appears we have more new vacant commercial spaces than actual new businesses. One of the few exceptions is the increase of sweepstakes establishments. The town of Franklin however, has apparently decided that this isn’t the right kind of business and has voted to impose licensing fees that transcend mere taxation - rising to a level of punitive fines. It’s been reported that sweepstakes establishments within town limits will not only have to pay a $2,600 annual fee - an additional $1,000 per machine surcharge is being added for the privilege of conducting business.


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