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Funding for North Carolina schools and human services in the next few years might not only depend on how many people the state can convince to waste their money on a lottery ticket, but also how many folks can be persuaded to throw their money away on video poker machines.

Last week we learned that Governor Beverly Perdue is seriously considering a proposal to legalize video poker to raise revenue to help address the state’s $3.7 billion shortfall. That recommendation may come in Perdue’s State of the State speech Monday night and in the budget she will submit to lawmakers shortly after her address.


Hosni Mubarak has been Egypt's modern day pharaoh for the past 30 years, winning elections in the same fashion the Harlem Globetrotters win basketball games. The last Egyptian presidential election held in 2005 is considered by some to be the first contested election during the Mubarak era. Mr. M. snuck by with a mere 88.6% of the vote – just a shell of his former self that used to rake in an excess of 95 percent.

Essential to the longevity of the Mubarak regime is terror — terror that it can project and the compliance it can expect. A report published just before the current Egyptian crises by Human Rights Watch details government brutality and its subsequent methods of intimidation toward those who consider reporting such abuses.


RALEIGH -- This new Republican legislative majority is in a hurry to show its stuff, prove its mettle.

The haste is understandable. Republicans have only been waiting 120 years or so to finally take control of the North Carolina General Assembly.

So, on only the second day of the legislative session, the just-elected House and Senate leaders passed out gavels to new committee chairs and named new committees.


Most of the education talk in this young General Assembly session has understandably focused on two areas, the potentially devastating budget cuts to public schools and the likelihood that the new Republican majorities will raise the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state or remove it completely.

Crippling budget cuts and thousands of layoffs of teachers and teacher assistants are inevitable if Republican leaders continue to refuse to consider raising new revenue to prevent the worst cuts or at least allow the temporary taxes passed in 2009 to continue.


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