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The recent assassination of a British soldier walking down a street in London was a despicable act. He proudly wore his country's uniform and for that he gave his life.

Most of us are very proud of our military. We should be. Without our armed forces we would not be the free country we are today.

America must keep a strong military. Our sons and daughters put everything on the line for our country. We should stand strong with them.


Educational psychologist offers tips to help schools help kids

In a recent interview marking the anniversary of a school shooting that killed two students and wounded 13, the then-teenaged gunman shares the warning signs he displayed before his tragic meltdown.

"My dad noticed my grades slipping … I would come home with bruises and lie to him,” says Charles “Andy” Williams, now 27, in the Oprah Winfrey Network interview.

"I didn't know how to communicate that somethin' really, really bad was goin' on. I didn't know how to talk about it."


It has been 30 years since the landmark report "A Nation At Risk" documented the failings of America's public-school system, and the past three decades have seen much promising reform on the local, state and federal levels, in legislatures, on school boards and in classrooms. Yet today, the trend lines again are moving in the wrong direction, with federal policy inviting states to back away from their duty to ensure that students receive the education they deserve.

Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Education has granted waivers to 34 states and the District of Columbia exempting them from some of the core accountability measures in the bipartisan 2001 No Child Left Behind law. Ten more states have waiver applications pending. Meanwhile, the Texas legislature is considering loosening public-school testing standards, and nine districts in California have independently moved to submit NCLB waiver requests.


It's good to know that Elvis has not been implicated in a terrorist act, but he could have been. While events unfolded in the Boston Marathon Bombing, a lesser story played out concerning the sending of ricintainted letters to the President, a U.S. senator and a judge. Initially, Paul Kevin Curtis, a 45- year-old Elvis impersonator from Corinth, Mississippi was charged and arrested for the threatening act, with charges being dropped days later.

The arrest of Curtis was in part facilitated by statements made on social media, matching up with those contained in the ricin letters. Conveniently, images from Curtis' Facebook account were readily available for publication to go along with stories of his arrest. Along with accounts of an uneven mental-health history, Curtis hardly fits the description of a criminal mastermind.


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