Introduction About 188BET

188BET are currently developing very strongly in Vietnam, so the demand for betting on this form also appears more and more. With this trend, leading reputable bookmakers such as 188bet have offered players eSports betting, also known as electronic sports betting.

188BET is an online casino operated by Cube Limited of United Kingdom, established in 2006, licensed to operate on the Isle of Man and technology supported by Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming and QuickSpin. We are proud of being one of the big and beloved bookmakers with a youthful and unique style. One of the leading online casino websites; powered by Microgaming QuickFire, a software platform that uses the latest web technology to deliver high quality games.

In addition to promotions for current and new clients, we offer the best odds possible in today’s sports betting market.

As one of the first leading bookmakers to bring Esport betting to the players; 188BET receives a lot of attention from its members. We have brought a lot of diverse and quality products such as online casino, football betting, sports, … and now Esports betting. Esport at the website with a variety of choices and many top leagues such as League of League, Counter – Strike, Global Offensive, DotA 2.


Interface Of 188BET

The Main Options in 188BET Betting Site

At Esport there are many popular options that players can participate in betting options such as: Real money betting: This is a betting method similar to betting on football, basketball, golf … Players can bet real money with the accepted odds and the player will be paid by the house 188BET if make the right choice.

Skin betting:

188BET is also called betting items in a virtual system between people playing games with each other. Social betting is a fun bet among players in the gaming community; friends together. Can bet on real money or skin. Challenging betting is a way in which gamers compete against each other to win money; items; skin.

Table Games

188BET offer many types of table games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. These are the most popular and played games in the world. Of course, the experience with us will bring you equally interesting things like professional tournaments.

Live Dealer

If you are tired of playing with your virtual assistant, then at our website you will be able to play directly with real-life dealers. Sure, we’re committed to always aiming for a great player experience. So you will not be bored. Definitely always.

Bonuses and Promotions at 188BET

One of the major attractions of 188BET is the reward for welcoming new players, and long-term players alike. Here are the awesome promotions only available on our website. Each new customer will receive a free promotion worth up to 650,000 VND to use for any sport. This is a great 188BET signup offer for those who want to take small steps to place bets online.

Instructions For Deposit To Account 188BET

Login information and select “Deposit” on the homepage Choose the form of transfer that suits you. 188BET support many different forms of deposit including VNDirect, Bao Kim, VISA. All forms of transfer have detailed instructions attached, which are easy to understand. In case you encounter an error or problem arise during the deposit process, you can click on “Online Support” in the upper corner of the screen. Within 10 minutes, our staff will check and confirm the transaction, if the transaction is correct, your money will be updated to your account so you can start playing.

Safety And Security 188BET

Casino understands that all players need to be safe when betting online. That’s why they take the time to create encrypted lines of communication with SSL, today’s leading internet security protocol through Thawte’s service. This means that any sensitive information you fill out and send to the website such as payment, registration or verification information will always be secure. Microgaming-based games that have been researched for years show that games are built on a random number generator, so humans can’t interfere.

188BET Conclusion

188BET is a site that offers odds in many sports betting categories today. No matter what the betting category is, it’s a great option. Not stopping there, the interface in computer access and mobile access are very user friendly. You will definitely enjoy playing here and you can rest assured that you are in a safe and prestigious online sports betting environment.

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