Introduction About VN88

VN88 was launched in 2019. This house is listed as a betting entertainment company dedicated to Vietnam market with a remarkable investment of hotline, live chat, email always is 24/24. The website is currently using the image of a red ball and a five-pointed gold star as a symbol. Combining the two words “VN” in the name, you can see this is a betting page with Vietnamese style.

We do business legally under license from the Philippine government and international gambling authorities. VN88 gives customers the peace of mind of fairness and transparency when participating in games on this website. Currently we are still one of the extremely strong brands and are still growing at a dizzying pace.


Interface Of VN88

Vietnamese Card Games VN88

That creates the advantage of the house when it is easy to reach players in Vietnam market. These card games are very familiar so right from its launch, VN88 has attracted a large number of players every day.

Casino of VN88 includes a series of popular folk games such as Bau Cua Tom Ca, Tien Len, Ta la, etc; as well as popular titles in the world such as Baccarat, Poker, etc. Players can choose any game and unleash their talents, showing their intellect.

Sports Betting VN88

VN88 offers a wide range of bets. Types of matchmaker bet up to hundreds of matches, updated every minute according to the match. In addition, the house also offers the type of final bets that players can predict the overall outcome of a tournament. Quite a lot of different sports such as table tennis, basketball, tennis, etc.

With an intuitive interface, vivid, detailed match happenings, players can identify bets quickly and make the most accurate betting decisions. We always have the statistics table as well as the results, history of the history of each bet so that you can place bets quickly and easily. Either newbies or professionals can bet on the bet.

VN88 Promotions

Currently, the house VN88 has great promotions for new customers as well as loyal customers as follows:

  • When registering for the first time, when depositing money into a VN88 account, you will be rewarded up to 150% of the deposit value, up to VND 3 million.
  • Members who registered to play Keno VN88 can be reimbursed weekly with a promotional amount of up to 4 million.
  • Each week, Esports will refund the bet up to 10%.

Longtime members enjoy CLUB VIP with great promotions. The lucky draws and gifts take place daily and monthly according to many events of VN88 such as: 50K reward when registering to top up VN 88 on mobile version; Shake the elected Crab Fish Shrimp to half a million; Get up to 5 gold points for winning bets in F1 racing; Play the procession of god of wealth up to 5 gold only; Nice hunting card to receive game cards worth VND 500,000, etc.

VN88 Deposit And Withdrawal

The big advantage of VN88 over other house is that it allows payment by scratch card. Currently, the house is accepting scratch cards with Vinaphone, Mobifone and Viettel. Comes with a recharge system via game cards like Zing or Gate. Of course, this form of recharge will incur a fairly high% charge, up to 40% for the Mobifone network. Nevertheless, it is still an effective option in case players need to make quick deposits but cannot trade via bank accounts.

The house supports payment to 10 major banks in Vietnam by bank transfer or Internet Banking.

VN88 Security

VN88 security and safety: Thanks to the advanced security system, all player information including personal information, bet history, deposit – withdrawal history are guaranteed to be safe and not leaked. out in any way. VN 88 also committed not to sell customers’ information to any other third party. VN88’s technical team works continuously to monitor and prevent bad people from stealing information.

Mobile App VN88

Using smartphones to access the house is a common practice in this day and age. Keeping up with that trend, VN88 offers both of the house’s applications on the phone. Customers visiting the homepage will immediately see 2 QR codes to scan and install the application. The application of the house VN88 is available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

VN88 Conclusion

Although it is a young house, VN88 with friendly interface for Vietnamese users and many types of games with national identity are increasingly asserting its position in the online betting market. Hurry up to register and experience the interesting things at VN88.

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